Hey. My name is Romans Kisils and this is my developers portfolio.
These are the projects I worked on during the past 3 years while I was studying.
I hold a 1st Class BEng "Computer Hardware and Software Engineering" Degree.
I specialize in 3D Graphical Web Applications and iOS/OSX Games & Applications.
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Games Apps Hardware


eqMac is a System-wide Audio Equalizer for Mac OSX.
Get the full potential out of your hardware by adjusting
the Low, Mid and High frequencies to your liking
And save your favourite presets!
Soon to be Open Source!

Infinite procedurally generated terrain

This is an App/Game I developed using just JavaScript and WebGL
Fly around forever in any direction, the terrain will never be the same
Play around with the generating algorithm to produce different results

The app was developed in two weeks time
and is a part of my BEng degree dissertation.